The ENS de Lyon is a multidisciplinary higher education establishment under the supervision of the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research. ENS de Lyon is a reference for research excellence and for a new way of combining research and teaching. ENS holds a unique central position in a network of research institutions and companies, being a part of UNESCO, OECD, CIDREE, and other associations.

In 2011, ENS de Lyon integrated the former National Institute for Pedagogical Research (INRP) that was reorganised into the French Institute of Education (IFÉ). IFÉ is a research and innovation platform dedicated to educational issues. IFÉ works in collaboration with higher education institutions, research organizations, and public education representatives, being a part of a large international network of educational communities.

The Institute’s missions are:

  • to conduct research in education at the various levels of initial, continuing and vocational training and especially in relation to the observation of practices;
  • to provide support to national/international and academic piloting on teaching practices and reforms, innovation and experimentation;
  • to facilitate the diffusion of scientific resources in education and the transfer of research results, in particular, to improve the training of trainers;
  • to make the link between researchers and practitioners and feed research through field analysis

In Next-Lab, ENS de Lyon acts as a National Expertise Center in France, promoting the project and training and supporting teachers in the use of the Sharing and Authoring Platform.


NÉOPASS@CTION Platform: online training for teachers

NÉOPASS@CTION Platform operated by the IFÉ provides resources and recommendations for teachers and teacher trainers. These recommendations are based on the observations of real classroom settings and situations made by the researchers from IFÉ and teachers themselves. Improvement suggestions include videos and tips & tricks in text form, each assigned to one of the following topics: Enter the classroom and get started, Help your students to learn, Dealing with incidents, Working with students with special needs, Become a pedagogical advisor, and many others.

Link to the NÉOPASS@CTION Platform: