IMC is a privately owned company established in 1997. In terms of size and revenue, IMC is today Europe’s largest learning management solution provider with the most comprehensive portfolio of e-learning-related products and services. With its products, the IMC Learning Suite, the IMC Process Guide, and the tools for authoring and content recording, IMC offers its clients a wide range of solutions for all business processes in training and education. Also, IMC provides professional services covering the whole value chain of content design and production as well as consulting and managed learning services helping clients to (re)organize their learning processes and to select, implement, adapt, and integrate suitable software systems and technologies.

Together with its national and international partners, IMC investigates new trends in learning technologies and creates prototypes of new learning software. IMC works on new learning, social, and mobile technologies together with many other research parties and has rich experience of participation in and managing of national and international research projects. Some reference projects are: PROLEARN (Network of Excellence in Professional Learning), PROLIX (PRocess-Oriented Learning and Information eXchange), PROWIT (Process Collaboration Platform), ROLE (Responsive Open Learning Environments), MIRROR (Reflective Learning at Work), and Go-Lab (Global Online Science Labs for Inquiry Learning in Schools).

In Next-Lab, IMC is responsible for the development of the Sharing Platform, including the Teacher Support Area and Helpdesk. Furthermore, as a National Expertise Center, IMC is in charge of teacher training and support in Germany. IMC also supports the dissemination of the project and plans for the sustainability and exploitation of the project results.


SiWay - STEM it your way!

The SiWay Project aimed at supporting STEM teaching and learning in European schools by providing an innovative learning environment (the SiWay Portal) combining curriculum-based and self-regulated learning approaches, thus, making the learning process centered around the needs of each individual student. The SiWay Portal was developed based on the Go-Lab technology and the Learning Management System of IMC, the IMC Learning Suite. The Portal aimed to support students in gaining both theoretical knowledge and hands-on experience in science, to increase students’ understanding of how scientific topics relate to the real-world problems, and to motivate students to choose scientific career in the future. Furthermore, the SiWay Portal provided features allowing teachers to consider individual learning needs of each student while designing learning scenarios and activities. Finally, the SiWay Portal aimed to assist students in learning beyond classroom, supporting self-regulated learning in students’ private time, triggered by their own interests.